Hi Danny!

What a beautifully thoughtful article! Perfect for every content creator!

I love your coined phrase, Outsourced Epiphanies! The stickiness of it will help remind me to follow these two big takeaways from your article:

-And this was happening so often that it got me thinking, "Can I turn this into a system? Can I make it easier for everyone to access these breakthrough experiences?"

-Document and Reflect: Encourage members to record and document their breakthroughs and reflections for future reference and inspiration.

So happy I got to read this insightful article of yours! Jenny

P.S. Kevon Cheung’s has an affordable self-study class called Email Course Engine. I think it’s $79 USD. He launched it on May 1st. You might need to email him through his website to find the class purchase page: https://kevoncheung.com/

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I like this idea a lot Danny. And I fully agree that it’s crazy powerful to get together with likeminded people have a conversation in a breakout room. I have experienced many moments like that where I felt I leveled up by being in that room.

Having experienced that I have put some thought into how one might re-create those. I have found so far that it’s very hard to do it outside of those communities.

James Clear had something really wise in one of his newsletter editions a long while back, (paraphrasing here since i’m sure it was more concise from him)“everyone wants to make friends but you can’t just go out and set out to make friends. You make friends on the way to something else.”

I think that applies to this, Ive found it hard to have people unlock crazy potential in each other without the shared context of all of us trying to accomplish something similar.

But I will keep looking at this, see if there are other ways. I am very interested in this idea and I appreciate you writing about it.

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